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Uniforms provide employees with a sense of teamwork and professionalism, improve customer experience and help promote your brand. You can help make it easier for your employees to look their best by making the purchasing of the uniforms more affordable and convenient.

A payroll deduction program allows employees to spread out the cost of buying new uniforms, making it more affordable. It also gives employees an incentive to not spend too much on uniforms and invest in quality; purchasing clothing made of prime materials is less expensive in the long run than frequently replacing cheaply made uniforms.

Another option is an employee uniform allowance or stipend program where employees are either assigned a budgeted amount of funds to buy a uniform or a set number of uniform pieces they are allowed to purchase at the employer’s expense.

No matter what option you use, you will see the benefit of helping to make uniforms more affordable to employees. It has a positive effect on employee morale and makes everyone feel they are part of a team when they are working together and dressed as a team.

If you are looking for help in creating a uniform program, contact Scrubs On Wheels. Scrubs On Wheels has the knowledge and experience to serve groups of all sizes. Whether your company has one location or hundreds, we can help make sure you and your employees always look their best.

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