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Top 4 mistakes to avoid when creating a uniform program

By February 2, 2022February 11th, 2022Business, Food for thought, Uncategorized

Helping to build your brand isn’t the only reason to have your employees wear uniforms. Wearing uniforms has been shown to improve productivity, reduce distractions, build team spirit and lets customers know who to turn to for help.

Some of those benefits, though, can be lost by making the wrong uniform selection. Here are the top four mistakes to avoid when selecting a uniform for your place of business:

4) Choosing off-beat colors

Some companies choose uniform colors that are difficult to find. You end up with employees looking anything but uniform. And if you select an off-beat color, such as pineapple sunshine, employees might end up with limited styles and sizes to choose from; they won’t be happy. They also won’t be happy if you pick unflattering colors. Choose colors wisely.

3) Limiting choices to only a few styles of clothing

Everyone’s body is different.  No one uniform is flattering on all body shapes and sizes. Every employee deserves a uniform that fits and they feel good in. Options are important.

2) Not offering uniform assistance to staff

For staff at the lower-end of the pay scale, purchasing new uniforms can be a financial burden.  Breaking the cost down between several paychecks makes sure your staff looks great without breaking the bank. If payroll deduction is not an option, uniform stipends also offer an excellent way to give staff a set amount of money on a regular basis that can only be used for work clothing.

1) Choosing a uniform vendor based solely on price

The saying, “You get what you pay for,” became an old adage for a reason. Employees aren’t going to be happy — or productive — if they are dressed in unflattering, uncomfortable clothing. Lower-quality clothing won’t reflect well on the company either. It will also likely cost more in the long run because the clothing will need to be replaced more often.

If you are looking for uniform answers, contact Scrubs On Wheels. Scrubs On Wheels has the knowledge and experience to serve groups of all sizes. Whether your company has one location or hundreds, we can help you make sure you and your employees are always looking your best.

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